Wolf-Garten Hedge Trimmer 45 Cm (Lycose/420H)

  • Brand: Balwaan
  • SKU: MTAK-BA-HE-1829
9615 6200

Key Features

  • Light-weight
  • Two-handed grip
  • Soft touch controls
  • Powerful 420W motor
  • 45 cm cutting capacity
  • Consumes less electricity

Made in India

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How to Use

  • Electricity-powered
  • Gardening & Landscaping smart tool
  • Trim hedges & bushes with this tool
  • Gives your hedges a desirable shape

Wolf Garten
Motor type
420 W
Blade length
45 cm
Blade Spacing
18 mm
Net weight
2.6 kg
Two Hand grip
  • At just 2.6kg, this NEW lightweight LYCOS LYE420H hedge trimmer is perfectly suited to hedges of all sizes and longer periods of use.
  • Featuring a 400watt motor, 45cm blade cutting length, and a wide 18mm blade spacing, this LYE420 slices through stems and branches.
  • A two-hand grip has been cleverly designed to allow for a more secure grip and better control and handling, whilst the soft-touch controls are comfortable to use.
  • LYE420H-KIT Includes LYE420H and BS1363/20 20m electric cable.

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