Balwaan Rain Gun JD-125

  • Brand: Balwaan
  • SKU: MTAK-IR-RA-4495
3600 2550

Key Features

  • Aluminum pressure die-casted body and arm
  • Heavy-duty brass nut, tube nozzles & diffuser screw
  • Stainless steel pivot pin, springs, Nut, and Bolt
  • Plastic parts are made of engineering plastic for durability
  • Jet breaker screw to change the water jet from heavy droplets

Made in india

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How to Use

  • Water gun available in 11/4" BSP/NPT male threaded connection
  • Displays a trajectory angle of 30 degrees
  • Recommended Pressure 2.0 - 5.0 kg/cm2 or 30 - 70Psi
  • Recommended spacing up to 30m for higher distribution uniformity
  • Ability to spray up to 45 meters long distance

Product type
Rain Gun
Aluminum cast body
1-1/4 ‘’ BSP / NPT female threaded
Recommended Pressure
2-5 kg/cm2 or 30-70 Psi
Recommended Spacing
30 m for higher distribution uniformity
Trajectory Angle
30 degree
10x4 mm, 12x4 mm, 14x4 mm
Available Designs
Both Full circle and part circle design
  • Water gun available in 11/4 inches BSP/NPT male threaded connection.
  • Displays 30o trajectory angle while spraying.
  • Made with Aluminum die-casted body and arm with jet break screw to change the water jet from heavy droplets to a fine spray.
  • It is available in both full circle and part circle designs.
  • Suitable for over tree irrigation for bigger crops like sugarcane, oats, maize, tea, coffee, fodder, landscape, etc., and horticulture also for pastures and dust suppression.
  • Available with three different types of nozzles – 10x4 mm, 12x4 mm, 14x4 mm

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